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  • Survey : SEO is Most Important Marketing Channel

    by Dan DeRoeck on December 10, 2011

    In a recent survey of 2,500 small business owners, Merchant Circle reported search engine optimization (SEO) was considered the top marketing channel for 2011.  That statistic is good news for those that have been an evangelist, spreading the word that search must be included in overall business plans to remain and/or become more competitive.

    The most notable quesmall business seo surveystion in the survey was framed as, what if you were on a deserted island; which would you choose, water or food?  “If you had to put all your marketing time and budget into only one channel, what would it be?”  SEO came out ahead as the channel of choice.

    It was also noted that business owners are now considering online as their main source for lead generation, which gives assurance that it’s the right direction.  As a side note, it came as no surprise that Facebook came in as the most commonly used social media marketing channel.

    Traditional advertising has obviously taken a severe blow at the hands of the Internet, more notably Google.  It will be interesting to see how advertising as a whole, plays out in 2012.  My guess at this point?  Search marketing will begin to finally flourish and become mainstream.   Business owners will become more educated and comfortable making decisions that include SEO in their 2012 marketing plans.


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    Cory December 12, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    This does not surprise me at all, I started an internet business about one year ago and my marketing was rough I was having trouble with keywords etc. so it really wasn’t going anywhere. Then one day I was reading on Search Engine Optimization and it clicked that this was what I needed in order to really get my business up and running. I outsourced this project to an SEO service and with in weeks I was already having twice as many hits to my site than I had the whole time it had been up and running. I can not recommend this highly enough for any internet business owner. The information you posted was very informative and interesting if there happens to be anymore information that comes out in the coming weeks please don’t hesitate to post it as well.

    Faye December 13, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    So why do you suppose so many people would put all of their time and effort into Search Engine Optimization instead of other kinds of marketing? The only reason I could come up with was so that their keywords and such would be up to par. But what about other forms of marketing on your web site for when the hits do start coming in? As far as lead generation I agree that online is number one in that field because no one uses a phone book or newspaper anymore to find anything it is all done online. I think your guess as far as search marketing starting to flourish in 2012 is right on the money, you have put a lot of interesting information into a short and sweet package in your blog, great work.

    Abdul December 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    I am not surprised that SEO is rated the most important marketing tool out there because you have to have your keywords rated up there pretty high and you have to have links and back links built and that is what your Search Engine optimization does for you. I have been reading about this company called SYNND that is supposed to do all of this for you in one campaign. And from what I hear they are very reasonably priced. Have you heard anything about them? I am hoping that this next year with just a few changes to my approach I will have much better luck bringing hits to my blog and will make more money. Thank you for this information it will be very helpful when I re-evaluate my goals and vision for my blog.

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