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    by Dan DeRoeck on December 1, 2010

    15 Miles in conjunction with a number of local directory sources created a video on the transformation of how the Internet is changing the advertising landscape.  If you’ve been wondering where to put your advertising dollar for maximum return, this may be an eye opener.

    Everyone reading this post most likely understands that the Internet is now the primary source of marketing in the U.S. and the world, an untapped reservoir for small and medium size businesses.

    However, did you know TV and radio marketing that was previously known to be very effective, has become a feckless form of advertising?  Those radio and TV ads that were once very popular are now being ignored to the tune of 90% of consumers!

    Conventional mass marketing is a fallen soldier. People are moving to the Internet for information, ratings, and reviews in droves.  This will continue to be the trend for the foreseeable future.  It will continually change, especially with the expansion of smart phones, but as a whole, the Internet will only get bigger.

    What is the good news?  This transformation provides an “even playing field” for the small guy.  The Fortune 500 companies no longer own the advertising medium, it belongs to anyone willing to put forth the effort.

    I took the liberty to extrapolate some quick and rather startling facts:

    • 90% skip TV Ads
    • 6 out of 10 ignore online Ads
    • 60% of online consumers seek ratings and reviews prior to purchasing
    • 1/4 of consumers are impacted by what they read
    • 93% of American believe they companies should social network
    • 35% of all U.S. searches are local
    • 2.8 Billion local searches on Google per DAY

    What is the key takeaway?  Don’t advertise, advertise the consumer.  Engage your audience with meaningful information about your products or services.  Consumers no longer react favorably to mass media, namely TV, radio and online ads getting shoved down their throats.  It just doesn’t work that way anymore.

    Consumers now control the content, not mass marketing companies.  And fortunately, it isn’t difficult to make your mark.  Simply provide your customers with information they seek, allow them to see you as the authority for the product or service.  By doing this, you not only will gain potential customers, you will be establishing brand.

    The short 2:50 minute video you are about to see is crash course in “Local Searchonomics,” an interactive portrayal of how consumers’ “search behavior” is changing in a digital-intensive marketplace:

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